Goverment Relations
More recently, we have acquired substantial exposure in both the governmental and private sectors. Our Firm seeks to combine legal expertise with traditional lobbying, generating a unique and sweeping practice effective and respected in both the legislative and political arenas.

Practice Breadth: We draft testimonies and briefs; arrange and attend meetings with key lawmakers; represent clients at hearings and provide strategic planning services. Providing counsel for clients regarding their compliance with the applicable legislation/directives within which they carry out their corporate or political activities is central to the services provided by us. The breadth of services offered make us an effective advocate in steering the public policy agenda.

Reputation Management and Protection
Reputation is everything to us. It is more than self-esteem, it is an invaluable asset. The reputation of a company, an individual or a product may take many years and huge investment to create, and can be lost extremely easily.
Our reputation management and protection team works alongside clients to control their media portrayal. If preventative action is required, we can help. This is normally direct action but we are also called upon to guide our clients' press offices and public relations advisers. If called in after a publication, we advise on how best to correct the position by applying regulatory regimes, using creative thinking to counteract bad publicity, or, in the last resort, suing for redress.

Tax, Accounting & Consulting, Training, Implementation, Company Maintenance
Our lawyers ensure you are not only aware of potential tax implications but you achieve maximum tax-efficiency in the short and long-term.

We handle complex state audit issues as well as guiding clients through administrative appeals and litigation when necessary.
Our effectiveness in the tax controversy field is enhanced by our tax litigators’ collaboration with expert tax specialists and experienced business litigators.

Unity four, our affiliated private consulting House, offers accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services. The close cooperation of the two provides our clients with a complete understanding of their potential or actual legal and other liabilities; essential to effectively advising, advocating or litigating in any area of the law. For further information please visit: www.unityfour.eu

Persuading the Greek court to accept our argument for reducing the amount of a lease fee for the operation of parking in Athens city center
Representing a media company which owns the leading Greek news portal nooz.gr in several litigation cases regarding allegedly defamatory news articles
Defending successfully one of the largest broadcasting groups in Greece in several litigation cases regarding allegedly defamatory articles
Defending our client against two law suits filed by citizens located near the Eshatia Stream, a major sewage construction project being undertaken by our client in the Attica region
Defending one of the major ferry operations in Europe against the employees of their ferries
B2B Collection & Credit Services
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